It’s easy to be a criminal nowadays. All you have to do is tell the truth.

In 2016, when Brittany Sellner put her writing career on hold to campaign in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, she never imagined where her decision would lead: a riot in Berkeley, California in 2017; a three-day detainment in the United Kingdom in 2018 that made international headlines and ultimately saw Brittany banned from the country; and a baseless investigation for terrorism in 2019 that, despite resulting in her exoneration, caused irreparable damage to her reputation.

From the booming metropolises of America to the historic cities of Europe, Patriot’s Not Welcome chronicles the totalitarian tactics that Western governments, corporations, media, and activist organizations are using in an attempt to silence the voices of all those who dare challenge the tyrannical leftist political and cultural hegemony.

“Ultimately, I came to the realization that my story would be written one way or the other—either by me, or by people who despise me. My story is as long as it is large, spanning four years and two continents, and serves as a web connecting courageous patriots all across the West; patriots who, like me, made the conscious choice to risk everything for love of God, family, and homeland.”

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